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Amphawa floating market

Most people have a floating market on their ‘To Do’ list when visiting Thailand, especially Bangkok. While the most well known floating market is Damnoen Saduk, it has become overrun with tourists and scammers. For a more authentic floating market experience, the Amphawa Floating Market is your best bet.

The Amphawa Floating Market is located about 1.5 – 2 hours away from Bangkok depending on the traffic. Although it is technically open all week, it really comes alive on the weekends when local Thai people from Bangkok flock there for a bit of shopping and fresh seafood.

I visited on a Sunday afternoon and was not at all disappointed by my experience. It turned out to be a great affordable day trip to escape the city (though not the crowds!). There is plenty to see and do at the Amphawa Floating Market. Of course, I wandered along the canal where many shops are set up selling all kinds of things such as Amphawa souvenirs, clothing, food, and sweets. The market is not limited to the canal though, and stretches up side streets all around the town. In addition to shopping, you can also get a classic Thai massage, including one on a boat!

For vans to Amphawa, you must travel to the Southern Bus Terminal (สถานีขนส่งสายใต้ใหม่) across the river, most easily reached by taxi. The city is providing shuttle buses from Victory Monument for the time being to the three bus stations.

They cost between 90 – 100 baht each way (I paid 90 on the way down and 100 on the way back) and drop you right down the street from the market. Buses run frequently from Victory Monument starting early in the morning. There is no real rush to get there super early, unless you do not like crowds, as the market really comes alive in the afternoon, around 15:00 (3:00 PM).

I recommend buying your return ticket to Bangkok right when you arrive in Amphawa. The staff at the mini bus station will ask what time you would like to head back (buses leave every hour, on the hour) with the last bus leaving at 21:00 (9:00 PM). Getting your ticket ahead of time will ensure a spot, as the staff will write down the time and number of people in your party to expect.

Koh Kret

Budget: 400 baht up
Address in Thai: ท่าเรือวัดกลางเกร็ด
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.904636, 100.491600

Koh Kret (เกาะเกร็ด) is an island in the middle of the Chao Phraya river, about 20 kilometers north of Bangkok. You can either get there by boat or by bus and ferry.

If you’re looking for a day trip from Bangkok, and a time to enjoy some peace, relaxation, and the local culture on the island, Koh Kret makes an excellent day trip.

You can visit any day of the week, but the weekend is when Koh Kret is busiest and when you’ll find the most shops and restaurants available.

Take the Chao Phraya Orange Express, which leaves the Central Pier (BTS Saphan Taksin) to Nonthaburi pier cost less than 30 baht
Is on the left pier, skip the tourist boat for 150 baht
At Nontaburi pier take a taxi for 120 baht to Koh Kret pier, taxi will drop you at the temple gate walk through you will see the pier, follow the crowd

Klong Toei Fresh Market

Budget: 120 baht up
Address in Thai: ตลาดท่าเรือคลองเตย
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.718761, 100.560359

Take taxi on weekends and 2 wheels motorcycle taxi on weekdays cost about 60 baht, wear flip-flops which are easy to wash


All bars are operating 10pm – 12 midnight, and clubs 12 midnight – 2 am, sometimes slightly longer
Tried to classify most popular places

–Straight bar for drinking (budget per person 300 baht up)
See Map
–Gay bar for drinking
See Map
–Bar with dancing ladies
See Map
–Bar with gay sex show performed by straight guys
See Map
–Club vs hookers
See Map
–Club with less hookers
See Map
–Gay club
See Map

Rooftop Bar

Budget: 300 baht up
Time to go: Sunset (around 6 pm) till 8 pm
Address in Thai: โรงแรม Banyan Tree สาทรใต้
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.723126, 100.539912

Is a good place to watch sunset and have private conversations
Stuff will try to send you to the rooftop on the last floor but you can go instead on 52nd floor called Safron bar which is not so crowded
Dress code for gentleman applies (long sleeve, long pants, closed shoes)

Street food

Budget: 35 baht up
Operating: Tuesday – Friday 12 noon – 2 pm and 6 pm – 9 pm (most street food customers are still office workers), you mostly wont find any on Mondays, Weekends and Public holidays
There are 3 main tasty streets in Bangkok

a)Rama 4 road

Address in Thai: ซอยปลูกจิต ถนน พระรามที่ 4
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.724639, 100.548758


Address in Thai: สีลม 1
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.728785, 100.535284
Motorcycle or taxi 40-50 baht


Address in Thai: เยาวราช
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.740578, 100.509449

Take a subway to Hua Lampong and walk or Taxi about 80 baht

Cooking class

Silom Cooking School
Budget: 1100 baht per person
Address in Thai: ซอย สีลม 13
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.722468, 100.524715

Morning Class : 9:00am – 12:20 pm
Afternoon Class : 1:40pm – 5:00 pm
Admission 1000 baht
Take a Motorcycle taxi for 60 baht

Boxing School

There are 2 popular gyms

–Mankong Phranai Muay Thai Gym

Budget: 500 baht per person
Address in Thai: ยิมมวยไทย สาธร 1
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.722053, 100.545510
You have some success to contact them through Facebook page Visit

–Muay Thai Plaza 2004

Budget: 500 baht per person
Address in Thai: ซอย แจ๊กเจีย ซอย ศรีบำเพ็ญ
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.717777, 100.550117

Boxing Match Ratchadamnoen Stadium

There are two popular stadiums in Bangkok: Ratchadamnoen and Lumphini – you can compare

Ratchadamnoen or Rajadamnern stadium opens on operates 4 days a week on every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Door opens from 6.00PM onward. The seating is provided in 3 classes from Ring Side Class, 2nd Class and 3rd Class.

Ring Side will bring you the extremely boxing experience while seating next to the boxing ring closely with the boxers fighting on stage. Surrounding with their supporters team at the corners. Right to access to Beverage Bar and exclusive photograph with the winner of the night!

2nd and 3rd Class are impressive! Among the local gamblers, you will maximize your watching experience with the lousy audiences. The seats are getting more excited with the locals betting the right fighter!

Budget: start 1900 baht per person
Address in Thai: เวทีราชดำเนิน
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.760994, 100.508658

Taxi to Ratchadamnoen stadium costs about 180 baht and takes 25 min, i would suggest buying second class tickets online it should cost about 1500 baht per person for Ratchadamnoen stadium, show starts between 6 and 7 pm – you can check on the website.

Baan Silapin Artist’s House

Budget: 500 baht per person
Address in Thai: บ้านศิลปิน ถนน เพชรเกษม
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.731261, 100.463269

The house is a community hangout, serving up some great food and also selling artwork ranging from photos to paintings to books and artsy handicrafts. However, the biggest draw here is the local puppet show.
Show starts around 2 pm every day, no admission fee, but it is necessary to make a donation 100 baht per person and buy food

Get an Uber or Grab Taxi application to get there, about 200 baht one way