Train market – Talad Rot Fai

Budget: 700 baht per person
Address in Thai: ตลาดนัดรถไฟ ศรีนครินทร์ ซ.ศรีนครินทร์ 51
Location: See Map
GPS coordinates: 13.695291, 100.650634

Talad Rot Fai one of my favorite places to go during Friday and Saturday evening. The best time to go around 8-9 pm. There are two Talad Rot Fai in Bangkok: one in Chatuchak park and second one in Srinakarin road. One in Srinakarin road worth visiting, one in Chatuchak – not. Taxi drivers normally are not very familiar with one in Srinakarin road, as it pretty young for Asia (less then 100 years old) so you need to stop 4-5 of taxis before you find right one. To make it much easier with Thai phonetic pronunciation (five tones – not joke) you can show taxi driver Talad Rot Fai in Thai: ตลาดนัดรถไฟ (this name Talat Rot Fai) ศรีนครินทร์ ซ.ศรีนครินทร์ 51 (this address Srinakarin road). At entrance you can see “old” plastic pirate ship with name on. Follow crowd flow – you will not miss it.
You can easily buy old American truck, French furniture, Japanese Kimono, Statue of Jakie Chan, creepy mirror, tears of the virgin etc.
There are 2 things to do in Talad Rot Fai: watch at numerous numbers of antique stuff and drink at bar with youth hipster bands singing. Both worth doing. And how they sing. Is like gods put angels in your ears. And don`t forget to give tip to singers.
–talad rot fai nice place to visit if you like hipsters or antique stuff;
–upper budget place if you want to buy something (u don’t need to);
–it easy to reach from center of Bangkok by taxi of course if you show taxi driver talat rot fai in thai it will cost you from my place around 150 baht + toll way fee
–suddenly really nice place to eat
–good experience if you want to see thai young people of middle class (there are not so many of them in Bangkok)

talat rot fai in thai
Youth band
talat rot fai in thai
Talad Rot Fai bar
talat rot fai in thai
Talat Rot Fai in thai