How to do laundry like a pro

Prepare 10 x ten baht coins and liquid detergent

If you don’t have 10 baht coins there are several ways to get it:

A) Ask the maid for change between 9am and 1pm

B) You can also get change from Pee Win, the motorcycle driver in orange jacket stationed at the corner

C) Make a small purchase at the 7/11

D) There are prepared change of 100 in your room minibar

To ask for 10 baht coins use the following phrase


If you want to try to pronounce: Koo riyen sip(b)

You can get liquid detergent in 7-11, in your minibar or from our maid for 5-10 baht for a small bag

This is a cold washing machine its only effective with liquid detergent

Turn your clothes inside out put in, pour detergent close the machine

Put 4 ten baht coins in

You can look up the number of remaining minutes here

Once tabloid changes back to 40 it done

If you open machine during the process it will stop and will not continue, so if you forgot to put something keep it

For the drier you need 6 ten-baht coins

The thing is if you have too little or too much clothes it won`t dry it , the trick here if you dont have enough clothes to dry is to add already dry cotton towel or cotton hoody/sweat pants, then it will dry after all. Unfortunately, my blue towels are polyester so it won’t work with it.

If you have enough clothes you put it in – the best way is to put two coins in first and then 4 coins, insert coins and press start (some models dont have start button) – once it runs out of time on the tabloid it is done

If you need to dry one more cycle, use one of the different driers as they overheat