Daily luggage storage @ Sribumphen 34

Two storage units located just outside of Sribumphen 34 Apartment building, each locker dimensions are 53*61*94 cm


Open the door
Put bag, locker dimensions are 53*61*94 cm
Insert 4 ten baht coins

If you don’t have 10 baht coins there are several ways to get it:

A) Ask the maid for change between 9am and 1pm

B) You can also get change from Pee Win, the motorcycle driver in orange jacket stationed at the corner

C) Make a small purchase at the 7/11

D) There are prepared change of 100 in your room minibar

To ask for 10 baht coins use the following phrase


If you want to try to pronounce: Koo riyen sip(b)

Close the door firmly and rotate key to the left
Keep the key and pick up your bag before 9 pm